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Dancing Bear Parties

Welcome to the place where hot American babes interact with male strippers dressed as Dancing Bear and wearing no clothes at all. The participants are normal babes who look untoachable when you meet them on the street at day time. However, when night falls these high-mainantence nymphs turn into cock hungry bitches ready to fight for their piece of hard juicy men’s meat with each other under encouragement of their drunken friends. Watch the first site to show crazy cfnm videos in which ordinary US girls going totally out of control at local hen nights, office parties and birthday shows where there is nobody to hold them up from releasing natural instincts…

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Dancing Bear Cumshot Clip

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Dancing Bear Cumshot
Crazy babe catches stripper cumshot backstage in this video clip

Now this is one out-fucking-standing cumshot clip that you don’t want to miss. This cock whore got invited back stage after some male strippers did a show at a local club. It was a ladies only night at the club and with the booze flowing, the music blasting and swinging dicks flopping in their faces, these gals made sure they had themselves a hell of a good night. This one managed to get a stripper alone so she could work her mouth magic on his cock that made for a great cumshot clip you’ll want to have in your collection.

Dancing Bear Blowjob On Stage

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Dancing Bear Blowjob
Drunk girl give tasty blowjob to naked dancing stripper on stage

You know, if you get a room full of hot women, fill them up with lots of liquor and then entertain them with naked male strippers, you can pretty much count on seeing at least one blowjob on stage. That’s what happened at this girl’s night out. These average ladies by day left their guys at home so they could have a night out where they transform into wild and crazy cock whores for a little while. This gal decided that she was in the mood to swallow some nut cream. Jumping on a stripper cock, she gave a blowjob on stage.

Dancing Bear Cock Stroking

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Dancing Bear Cock
Shy chicks gets ahold of twelve inches cock to stroke it shamelessly

Here is a typical night with the Dancing Bear and his band of male strippers and this buzzed hoe wasted no time in doing a little cock stroking. And that’s about what happens when you get a bunch of normally reserved gals together, let them get a buzz on and then go nuts when the strippers make their appearance. There is nothing like watching just how quick and eager these sex pots are to get their hands on some strange meat. Download this video and enjoy watching all the cock stroking that goes on when the Bear shows up.

Dancing Bear Strippers Party

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Dancing Bear Strippers
Male stripper interacts a room full of drunk and horny amateur chicks

A few of the girls decided that they wanted to have a little dancing bear party without the guys around to bum them out. One of them decided that it would be fun to invite a couple of strippers just for shits and giggles. Before the Bear and his crew arrived, these horny sex pots sat around chatting and tossing back some pretty stiff drinks. They got their buzz on and when the party got into full swing, they were horny and ready. If you want to know what happens at a dancing bear party, download this video and find out.

Dancing Bear Ladies Night

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Dancing Bear Night
Sophisticated ladies get served a thick cock as appetizer for main course

After you check out what happens at a bachelorette party and how your lady might behave when the Dancing Bear shows up with his big, hard cock flopping around, you may never let your honey out alone again. You’ll want to see how it looks like these tipsy twats might be being served a sausage log as an appetizer for the main course is served up. Check out how they are not the least bit bashful about grabbing a hand full Dancing Bear cock. After this one give him a quick tug job, the Dancing Bear is off for another.

Dancing Bear Handjob Clip

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Dancing Bear Handjob
Wasted chick knees down in front of male stripper to give a handjob

A ladies only night out on the town, the Dancing Bear showing up to entertain the ladies and it doesn’t take long for these drunken hoes to start getting randy. While on the stage shaking his money maker, one of the sex pots jumps at the chance to get herself a mouthful of cock. With the encouragement of her girlfriends, this horny hoe shows just how good she is at working her mouth magic and coaxing a load of cum from his nut sack. If you want to see more, then you need to download this Dancing Bear video today.

Outdoor Dancing Bear Party

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Dancing Bear Party
Hawaiian style outdoor party with booze and stripper for girls only

This is a Hawaiian luau that gets a new twist when the Dancing Bear and his boys show up to add a little spice to this girls only party. With plenty of free booze and hormones in high gear, these gals waste no time in getting their fill of male stripper cock. You can see here how one of the buzzed gals jumps at getting this strippers cock in her hand. She takes pride in giving the Dancing Bear a sensual hand job and wants to see his throbbing slab of man meat spew out his load of cock cream.

Dancing Bear Male Stripper

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Dancing Bear Stripper
Male stripper serves office chicks at corporate

Dancing Bear and his crew of swinging dicks show up at a private, ladies only party and entertains them by flopping their swinging dicks around. The ladies aren’t quite drunk enough yet and you can see how they are trying to show how prim and proper they are. But I can guarantee you that once they toss down a few more drinks; these gals will be all over the Dancing Bear and his cock like white on rice. Do yourself a favor and download this dancing bear stripper video so you can see how things turn out at this party.

Dancing Bear Cum Facial

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Dancing Bear Cum
Horny chick receive a creamy cum facial from the male stripper

Now this is more typical of what happens when the gals get together without their guys and let their hair down. Right off the bat one of the party girls gets busy sucking the living shit out of a stripper’s cock and shows off her cum facial. Once you get a room full of horny sex pots who leave their men at home, let them get all boozed up, the place goes wild and crazy when the Dancing Bear and crew show up and start shaking their cocks in everybody’s face. If you want to see more cum facials, check it out today.

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